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Philipp Röttgers’s blog

This is the blog of author and musician Philipp Röttgers. He is drummer for PARIAHLORD. His first book about his favourite band Genesis was published in 2015.His second book „London and its genius loci: A journey beyond time and place“ was published in 2019.

Here, he shares his news, thoughts, ideas and reviews about his two favourite topics: Genesis and London.


Find out everything about Philipp’s favourite group. Genesis is a British rock band and one of the most successful groups in the world. Their hits include „That’s All“, „Invisible Touch“ and „I Can’t Dance“. The group consists of Phil Collins (vocals, drums), Mike Rutherford (guitars, bass) and Tony Banks (keyboards). This blog contains news, reviews and glimpses into Genesis‘ history.

  • Review: Genesis – 3×3 (EP/1982)
    In May 1982, Genesis released „3×3“, an extended-play featuring three previously unreleased track from their 1981 album „Abacab“.
  • Genesis history: „We Can’t Dance“ in Tampa – The story of the 1992 tour
    Tampa, Florida, 17 May 1992. Genesis leave the stage at the fourth show of their gigantic „We Can’t Dance“ tour after just two songs. They leave behind an almost rioting audience. The band had to cancel the show after „Land Of Confusion“ and „No Son Of Mine“ due to Phil Collins‘ throat problems. Luckily enough, … Weiterlesen
  • Genesis history: Live at the Roundhouse 1970
    On 11 March 1970, Genesis played one of their biggest gigs of their early career at the Atomic Sunrise Festival at the Roundhouse Club in London. The event featured artists like David Bowie and Hawkwind and was sponsored by Yoko Ono. A few weeks later Genesis signed to the Charisma label.
  • Genesis history: The Rainbow shows in January 1977
    Genesis started their „Wind & Wuthering“ tour at the Rainbow Theatre in London on 1st January 1977. They played the venue for three nights. Those shows were the first with Chester Thompson on drums. Also, the tour was the last with guitarist Steve Hackett.
  • Genesis history: Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010
    On 15 March 2010, Genesis were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett were present alongside live members Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer. Peter Gabriel did not attend the event. The band was inducted by Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.


Philipp feels deeply connected to London, more than to any other place in the world. He is an expert on London. He wrote a book „London and its genius loci – a journey beyond time and place“ in 2019 and leads various tours through the city. On this page he provides information on different topics, writes reviews and shares interviews that all deal with London’s history, its story and the search for the city’s „spirit of place“.