Curious World – Documentary about “The Ratcliffe Highway Murders”

The crossroads Cable Street and Cannon Street are connected to the Ratcliffe Highway Murders (Photo: Philipp Röttgers)

Last year I stumbled across the YouTube channel of Curious World on a return trip from London. Now we’ve worked together – I provided Curious World with ideas and facts about the Ratcliffe Highway murders and the result is a three-part documentary about this exciting criminal case. The documentary chronicles the horrific events that took place in Shadwell and Wapping, East London in December of 1811.

And that’s not all: For the intro and outro, Curious World used a song by “Junge und Junge” – in other words by Gökmen Aktas (and me). We were asked by some viewers if it is possible to buy the song – so maybe it’s time for the boy (“Junge”) and me to work together again. Stay tuned for more music by us! You can watch the documentary about the Ratcliffe Highway Murders here.

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New album “Embrace the misery” out now on Bandcamp!

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