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Three Dudes. Heavy Riffs. Melodic Tones. PARIAHLORD is being played in radio stations in Germany, UK,Greece, Canada, Russia, Japan, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Mexico, France, Finland, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Austria, Singapore, Iran, Ireland, Australia, Ukraine and Poland – that means they’re being broadcasted worldwide!

Radio stations and podcasts include Deathrattle Podcast, Metalzone Radio, FuzzHeavy, Hand Of Doom Radio, Downtuned Magazin and Radio, Ripper Radio, Broken Neck Radio and Stoner Blog Hungary.

Check out their music here and stay tuned for upcoming live shows!




„Atmoszferikus hard rock/prog.stoner (Germany“)/“Atmospheric hard rock/prog stoner“ (Germany) – Stoner Blog Hungary

„(Very) occasionally you find about a release, or, in the case of PARIAHLORD, a collection of songs by pure chance, either by continuously scouring the Internet or by knowing the right people. It was a message from Mel Lie of Doomed and Stoned who brought these guys to my attention. She asked me to listen to the songs on Soundcloud and tell her who I thought they sounded like. First up was „Black Rock Desert“ and Monolord sprang to mind instantly, not a clone, but the comparison is definitely there. The other aspect of the three tracks I’ve heard so far is the quality of the recording. All three tracks are full in your face and its obvious that these guys have taken a lot of time over sound quality in order to convey the depth these multi layered riffs contain. All three songs are wrapped in a fuzzy haze which, when unwrapped reveal a desiccated, desert rock crunch. Thank you Mel Lie for giving me the opportunity to say, when these guys get their recording contract, „I knew about them from the beginning“ – Steve Woodier, Deathrattle Podcast

„NEW BAND !!!! ((((((((((((HEAVY-RIFF-STONER-ROCK-MONOLORD VIBES)))))))))))) … there is a damn new cool Band gleaming on Germany’s horizon!!!
The three band members, Carsten Schmitt voice, guitar and founder of the band, bass-man Jan Kurtze and drummer Philipp Röttgers (old hands in musical interaction ) create under the band-roof of PARIAHLORD an excellent melodic-voice-heavy-riff-stoner-rock monument !!! Because Monolord’s masterpieces from the days gone by, definitely ever had a big musical influence on Carsten Schmitt they also let these „vibes“ audibly flow through the fresh released two songs „Disconnect“ and „Black Rock Desert“. Take a listen here and feel free to give them a like on their band-page, if you were caught by their stuff!“ – Mel, Doomed & Stoned – she included PARIAHLORD’s demo in her 2019 top 50 records!

London and its genius loci – a journey beyond time and place (2019)

London and its genius loci - a journey beyond time and place
My new book about London is published by Büchner-Verlag.

If you want to explore the powerful and mysterious place that is London, Philipp Röttgers suggests two particular ways: through literature and through becoming a flaneur.
In seven narrated walks which cover different parts of London, Röttgers leads us to places which are both real and star in works like Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore and Ben Aaronovitch, Neil Gaiman, Peter Ackroyd and many others. Follow him into the heart of darkness, into the area of Jack the Ripper, to the churches of Nicholas Hawksmoor, and along the routes of „From Hell“. Meet William Blake and walk along „Ripper Street“. Discover London’s ‚genius loci‘, its ’spirit of place‘.
In addition to these scenic walks, Röttgers gives a comprehensive overview of how London, in the past and present, has been depicted by writers.

Philipp Röttgers, M.A., born in 1989, feels deeply connected to London, more than to any other place in the world. He is an expert in the capital’s (and Britain’s) literature and culture (he studied English literature and culture accordingly). Röttgers is also a „Ripperologist“ (and was already featured in the magazine of the same name) and an expert on the works of London-related authors such as Peter Ackroyd, Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch, but also on London-related tv shows like Whitechapel und Ripper Street.



From 2020 onwards, I also lead walks through London. Get in touch with me via mail and we can find a date and a time.

My tours include: A Jack the Ripper tour through the East End, a tour through the City of London and more. If you have a special interest, let me know, then I can arrange a tour including special sites and interests.

Philipp Röttgers at Christ Church, Spitalfields and The Ten Bells pub
Philipp Röttgers at Christ Church, Spitalfields and The Ten Bells pub