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Philipp Röttgers’ “London and its genius loci: A journey beyond time and place” was published in 2019. Philipp leads various tours through the city. On this page he provides information on different topics. He writes reviews and shares interviews that all deal with London’s history, its story and the search for the city’s “spirit of place”.

Philipp Röttgers’ London

Philipp was born in 1989 and feels deeply connected to London, more than to any other place in the world. He is an expert in the capital’s (and Britain’s) literature and culture (he studied English literature and culture accordingly). Philipp is also a „Ripperologist“ (and was already featured in the magazine of the same name). He is an expert on the works of London-related authors such as Peter Ackroyd, Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch. Philipp is also an expert on London-related tv shows like Whitechapel und Ripper Street.


From 2020 onwards, he also lead walks through London. Get in touch with Philipp via mail and we can find a date and a time.

His tours include: A Jack the Ripper tour through the East End, a tour through the City and more. If you have a special interest, let him know, then we can arrange a tour including special sites and interests.

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