Three Dudes. Heavy Riffs. Melodic Tones. PARIAHLORD is being played in radio stations in Germany, UK, Greece, Canada, Russia, Japan, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Mexico, France, Finland, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Austria, Singapore, Iran, Ireland, Australia, Ukraine and Poland. That means they’re being broadcasted worldwide! Read some reviews of their music here!

New album “Embrace the misery” out now on Bandcamp!

Radio stations and podcasts include Deathrattle Podcast, Metalzone Radio, FuzzHeavy, Hand Of Doom Radio, Downtuned Magazin and Radio, Ripper Radio, Broken Neck Radio and Stoner Blog Hungary.

Check out PARIAHLORD‘s music here, read some reviews here and stay tuned for upcoming live shows!




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