Junge und Junge – Gökmen Aktas & Philipp Röttgers

“Junge und Junge” is a musical project by Gökmen Aktas and Philipp Röttgers. The two of them recorded songs and ideas in 2010 that have never seen the light of day. In June 2020, in a documentary in which Philipp was involved, one of their riffs was used. Since then, people have kept asking about the band and the music. There seems to be a huge demand by audiences to listen to the tracks – which means that “Junge und Junge” have to fulfil that demand.

This is not that easy; Gökmen works as a doctor in one part of Germany, Philipp is a writer and author in another part. If you are a musician and interested in working with them, get in touch with us. They are currently looking for players and singers to support them, so that the music of “Junge und Junge” can finally see the light of day.

Here’s a teaser with song snippets by Junge und Junge:

Gökmen also worked as a DJ and producer under the alias MONTE LUCAST:

Phil currently plays in stoner rock group PARIAHLORD:

Gökmen Aktas & Philipp Röttgers